Repository of historical events

We specialize in building data repositories, containing a coherent model of information stored in them, in the technology chosen by the client. Along with changing trends, our specialists change repositories into cache databases, at the client’s request, in order to increase their efficiency, thus maintaining their persistence.

Repositories allow you to store and search in a simple, textual way unlimited amounts of data, it can be e.g. data on transactions carried out by the customer, e.g. transfers, phone top-ups, or non-transactional events, e.g. logging into the system, changing the password, etc.

One of such solutions implemented at the client’s in 2017 currently holds approx. 2 billion data and allows quick access to 5 million users to their account history, together with the possibility of full-text search.

On request, we also build full solutions in non-relational databases with the customer’s continuous data supply model (queue, API, files, etc.)

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