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In codeblue we have created a unique repository – blue {cache} – thanks to which the client receives the foundation of a very fast, flexible and modern data buffering system, supporting reading of information and supplementing the record to the local database.

The main application of our repository is creating product databases that quickly transfer information to and from the customer, using any communication channel, e.g. through mobile applications, the internet or front desk applications.

The implementation of blue {cache} allows to increase the efficiency of the client’s main systems by appropriate packaging with an intermediate layer.

blue {cache} consists of a lot of micro-services that collect data about products or customers, which can be transferred very quickly without interruption.

Thanks to the simple, open, dynamic and scalable architecture of the solution, each of the current elements of the client’s system has the ability to quickly, easily connect to blue {cache}.

blue {cache} enables creation of many various repositories (both small and complex) intermediating access to customer data, making them available in a friendly way to external business partners or inside the organization.

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